Installation script used right after mu_installer flashing.
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Run after mu_installer installation. Reboot after the installation so as to start all the background services.

cd Downloads
git clone
cd post_muinstaller_installation
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

After rebooting, add the user into dialout group so that we can access the serial port directly. Reboot once again and mavroslaunch should work properly.

sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

Installed packages

Packages to be Installed

  • Basic tools and libraries
  • ROS Melodic and relevant packages
  • Gstreamer & GSCAM
  • Python 2.7 & 3.6
  • Nvidia CUDA
  • OpenCV 3.4
  • Geographic libraries

Systemd Services

Services to run on startup

  • Radio Listener to tune the cameras, restart TX2 or FCU with a flip of switch on the RC
  • ROSCORE start
  • MAVROS start
  • Camera start
  • GPU stereo vision start
  • RTSP broadcaster start